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Bella Pizza App


Bella Pizza is an app with multiple storefronts in the greater San Fransisco Bay Area. The iOS app allows users to order pizzas online with fast delivery services. Users have options for fast pizza delivery or carryout.

My Role

As a UI/UX designer, I design the project, provided user flow concepts, generated layout design, and user interface, provided feedback on user testing. The biggest challenge was to make the app as easy as possible to order pizza online with fast delivery. Created a user interaction flow to improve user experience and ultimately help this business to sell more pizzas. Users land on the “Menu” page and find specific pizzas, and the image menu organized intuitively. They pay for their pizza(s) on the app and have it delivered to them quickly.

UI Design

Click here to see interactive InVision prototype >>


Color is an important element of brand identity. The color palette helps me with my design consistency throughout the app.

Typography & Font

This guide is designed to offer a comprehensive overview of fonts: their different categories, how to choose them, and how to use them.

User Persona

User Persona is a representation of the buyer who will engage with my product. I did user research and analysis of primary customer experience metrics. User persona creation can help me understand a real user with real problems and practical needs.

User Flow Chart

I built a flow chart, putting the existing information into a diagram.

Hamburger Menu

The hamburger menu is a button placed typically in a top corner of a graphical user interface. Design a hamburger menu to make the links accessibility easy for the users throughout the app.

Touch ID Login

Used Touch ID to verify the user, then retrieve their credentials from the keychain service. Users can use Touch ID as a second-degree authentication and verify the user, then retrieve their credentials from the keychain service. Can save the user’s credentials to the keychain.