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Fast Ride – car rental app & website

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Fast Ride is a car rental app & a website, which may be known for offering quick car rentals, best prices, and ease of use. They are committed to improving the car rental user experience through the app & website performance for their customers around the world. With our app, users can easily find the ideal car rental deals for the best price. Our app users will find the best car rental options in their search results. Just enter where they want to go and the desired dates, and our app shows them the best options available. Search results can be refined by simply filtering price, destination, and travel date.

My Role

UX, UI- I provided the product design services, user interface design, UX design and I contributed files to the developers. Assets created: sketches, branding, process diagram, flowchart, high-fidelity mockups, prototype and user testing.


The flow chart helped to create the vision I had for the car rental app. The ease of use for the users leads me to the flowchart design based on the application goal. Used Sketch plugin AEF-Flowchart tool to organically collect thoughts and build the flowchart. The task flow diagram below shows how users browse through the app, performing a car rental task.