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Grab & Go Coffee iOS App

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I’ve always been a huge fan of local coffee shops in San Francisco, and my favorite drink is café mocha. I like to order my coffee ahead of time and pick it up before I go to work. My favorite coffee shop didn’t have an app to order coffee. I asked the owner about this issue, and he said: “I’ve not thought about it yet but, I think a small business such as a this doesn’t have a huge budget to create a mobile application for online ordering. If you can come up with a solution, I am interested in trying it out.”

I designed an app solution to help local coffee shops to increase their profit from the online ordering. Users can quickly order coffee from a local favorite coffee shop and pick it up after few minutes at the desired location. The app takes a percentage of all purchases, and the rest goes to the coffee shops.

Click here to see interactive InVision prototype >>

Design Process:

I felt the most significant problem to solve was to make my app as easy as possible to navigate and order drinks ahead of time from a favorite local coffee shop and pick it up later. I thought about a user-centered design solution where users can land on a “find coffee shops” page, and figure out how to place their mobile order at their preferred store. They can find specific drinks, and the image menu organized intuitively. To finish the process, users must pay for their coffee(s) through the app and pick it up at the chosen location.

My Role:

As a UI/UX designer, I design the project, held meetings with the client and my developer, provided user flow concepts, generated layout design, and user interface, provided feedback leading up to the launch, and acted as a buffer for client change requests.

Task Flow


Doing a guerrilla usability test on my app was a great way to help me work on my design process and finalize my project.