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Photo Bumpie tool re-design


Photo Bumpie tool is a free photo tool for moms that make it easier than ever to document pregnancy using a smartphone or point-and-shoot camera. Bumpie photo diary is a simple pregnancy photo tool to capture weekly belly pics and turn them into a fantastic time-lapse Bumpie video to share or keep as your pregnancy journal.

My Role

UX designer, Tools: Sketch, InVision, Photoshop


Our stakeholders informed me that the photo Bumpie tool on the BabyCenter app needs redesigning to increase user engagement. They weren’t happy about the old look and feel of the tool and showing to many empty slots for the photo album and ask me to redesign the entire photo tool to make it look modern and practical for our users.

User Pain Points

The biggest pain points of previous photo-sharing app were flow and the basic functionalities of the photo tool which didn’t satisfy the user needs. I began with gathering research, studying other photo apps and sketching new wireframes. There were no photo filters, no timeline, the album view showed many empty slots which is depressing. For video slideshow, there were limited video functionalities and no smart upload options such as choosing existing photos from the app timeline and no geo-location functionality. I found that the best practice for the photo diary tool on the app is to combine and integrate the Bumpie photo and Baby memory photo on the same timeline instead of separating them as tabs.

Design Solutions

With the information gathered, I’ve created a new user flow, and I focused on creating a timeline offering two views – gallery view and timeline view. I’ve created the timeline because the stakeholders wanted to run adds on the Bumpie tool. I design the continuous timeline with scrolling top to bottom. I showed the week info on top of each photo and a label on the picture. By clicking on the three dots on the top right of the timeline photos the user can add a photo detail, share, edit the description, or delete an image. I created a photo editing tools package for taking a Bumpie photo such as photo filters, crop tool, and stickers.

Photo Bumpie tool design flow

One of the other major pain points for the user was creating a Bumpie slideshow. Users have difficulties selecting multiple images from the library, limited audio, songs, and limited sharing options. I redesigned the slideshow flow and its functionalities to allow users to have more freedom selecting photos from their timeline or browse from their phone and not be limited to the specific week only. I’ve created a music library with the verity of songs to select from for the background audio.
The full video editing functionality for creating a video is easy to use for our end users. Users have options to edit, move, add or delete images in the video editing mode or skip editing mode and quickly create their videos and share it on their timeline and via social media. Our user can save the different version of videos, and there are multiple sharing options for social media.


My app re-design simplified flow and helped our users needs. It brings joy and delight to users daily lives. They can use the pregnancy photo tool to capture weekly belly pics and turn them into a fantastic timeline, and Bumpie videos to share or keep as a pregnancy journal. The final design added futures and modules not previously included in the photo Bumpie tool. The stakeholders were happy with the outcome of my design.